E. Oing Productions




+Web Design

+Administrative Assistant

+Animal Care/Training



As there are different needs for different people, I have many different plans:

  • Full web site design: $350
    5 MB or more, CGI/Perl scripts, Javascripts, many custom graphics, advanced HTML, style sheets, other advanced programming/coding/scripting
  • Minimum web site design: $250
    Less than 5 MB, no CGI or Javascript, few graphics, basic HTML, style sheets
  • Page maintenance with advanced scripts or graphics editing: $35/hour
    Any editing involving CGI, Perl, Javascript, or graphics editing
  • Basic maintenance: $25/hour
    Basic (or advanced HTML)
  • Single code/script edition: $5-25/script
    If you have one code that isn't working or needs to be updated on a regular basis, prices vary according to degree of difficulty
  • Single graphics editing: $5-25/graphic
    If you have one graphic that needs to be updated or fixed, prices vary according to degree of difficulty

These are not the total costs, this is just for services. Some costs may be added for domain name registration and hosting. I do not have my own server yet, but do have links to many reliable servers for all needs.

*Prices may be subject to change, on case by case basis to be discussed during negotiation.

Also, these prices are not cast in stone. If you are under financial constraints, go ahead and eMail me and we can talk about tailoring something to your special needs. I have been known to work for free or barter/trade instead of cash.